Riki Gruzman

Riki Gruzman, interior designer since 1993
Has specialized in well-known architectural firms in Israel, in the field of hotel architecture and public buildings.
Since 2005, Riki Gruzman owns her own office specializing in planning synagogues, yeshivas, hotels and other public buildings.
"During planning many synagogues and yeshivas in various locations, for all shades of the Orthodox spectrum, I can say with certainty that planning a synagogue is a fascinating challenge, since no synagogue is like the other. My role as a designer is to expose the specific "DNA" of the community and to express its character and uniqueness.
When I come to plan a synagogue, I want to reveal mainly the spiritual feelings, to express the atmosphere of holiness and spirituality. Therefore, when I start working, I feel adoration and respect for my special job.
I invite you to join me in the process of visualizing, planning, researching, finding, sketching, thinking, listening, watching, connecting, decideing, choosing, considering, implementing, inventing, wanting, loving, getting excited… and enjoying the result!"
You are invited to join us on a virtual tour of this site, in a selection of projects designed by Riki Gruzman, and to be impressed by the variety of styles and work: villas and private homes, synagogues, yeshivas, libraries, academic institutions, hotels, and more.
Riki Gruzman's satisfied customers get personal attention, rich experience, high professionalism, followed by full accompaniment throughout the project, from the first concept until the grand opening.
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